Covid Restrictions Removed

Effective from September 22, 2022 Samoa removed all Covid restrictions for travellers.  There are NO testing requirements and no vaccination requirements.

Space on flights has been severely restricted with a limited number of airlines and flights and many Samoans wanting to return home.  But the number of flights is steadily growing and reasonable priced tickets are available from November.  There are still bargains on AIR NZ seats for next year, but we don’t expect them to last.

We cycled around Savaii in September and were delighted with the hospitality we received and the improving quality of the coral.  All of the accommodation providers have suffered from the lack of tourist income for two years and it shows with plenty of deferred maintenance and poorly stocked bars.  But the meals we had were excellent, the mosquito nets new and the welcomes warm.

Last weekend we toured Upolu and found very much the same.  Warm receptions, good food and rebuilding as money permits.

We have had about seven groups return from their cycle tours and their comments reflect ours.   They also note two other points.

Samoa largely closes on a Sunday.  Only a few attractions are open and particularly on the south coast of Upolu swimming is banned at several beaches.  

A disappointment has been the rubbish on the side of the road.  Villages generally keep their streets clean, but the inter-village streets were cleaned by government appointed contractors.  We are hopeful they are being reminded of their contractual terms and that the “Keep Samoa Beautiful Campaign” will see the litter removed.



Banyan trees shelter the fales at Satuiatua
A new UV water treatment plant for Satuiatua.
Ross and Frances at Falealupo. Their favourite beach
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Samoa is now fully open to tourists and all Covid restrictions have been lifted.  As of 22 September 2022, there are NO requirements for vaccination certificates or Covid tests.
The number of flights available is steadily increasing. Qantas starts flying from Australia in November  and Virgin resumes in March.  Air New Zealand flights are expected to reach almost two a day in 2023.