Day Adventures

Day Adventures

Why see Samoa with us?

We have been running bike and kayak tours in Samoa since 2008. Our experience and local knowledge will make for relaxed and easy travel whilst experiencing the local culture with our guides.

Best Bikes

100 fully serviced bikes

Best Beaches

Most nights beside the lagoon on white sand beaches

Experience of a Lifetime

Be part of the adventure - not just an observer

Our bike and kayak day tours

Let us take care of the details

Kayaking towards the turtle lagoon
Create your own Tour

Custom Tours

Include all you want to do in one tour

Guided lagoon kayak to visit turtles

Turtle Kayak Day

Our most popular kayak tour

Explore Manono Island by kayak

Manono Island Kayak

Visit for the day or overnight

Snorkelling over Giant Clams
Day ride to Giant Clams

Giant Clams Ride

Ride to the Giant Clams and enjoy a guided snorkel

Remote uninhabited Island with private lagoon

Nuusafee Island

A quiet, remote island with its own lagoon and coral reef to explore


What's Included

Bike hire, accommodation, most meals, luggage transfers and support driver.


Local guide trained in the activities


And Adventure

Drinking water

We supply bulk, safe drinking water to save plastic.

Local Knowledge

Of history and culture

Samoa is now fully open to tourists and all Covid restrictions have been lifted.  As of 22 September 2022, there are NO requirements for vaccination certificates or Covid tests.
The number of flights available is steadily increasing. Qantas starts flying from Australia in November  and Virgin resumes in March.  Air New Zealand flights are expected to reach almost two a day in 2023.