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Design your own tour of Samoa

We love creating personal tours, whether its for a couple, a large extended family reunion , a club or a group of friends. You can choose the duration and the activities that you want to include , the level of support and the type of accommodation you prefer. Because we are passionate about being active and being involved with the villages we like our tours to include at least some days of cycling and or kayaking but quite often they will also include van tours, and hotel resort chillout time. Your custom tour can be as little as a day - one of my favourites was organising a marriage proposal on remote Nuusafee Island. Our most popular is a cycle tour of Savaii followed by a week of sightseeing and relaxing on Upolu. Choose from amongst the following activities, or tell us of other things you would like to do.

Shaping a trip

The easiest way to plan a trip is to look through the various trips on this website and find the bits or the photos that appeal to you.  You may have also seen photos of other activities such as To Sua Trench, hiking, caving, abseiling and we can include most of those.


Some things to think about as you scheme out your ideas:

Challenge level

We love creating family trips that work for kid from 1 years to 85 year olds (we can do trips for adults but 40 year old kids at heart are more fun).  This can work by providing a support van and even a nanny, so that everyone feels they have been fully involved, whether they rode for 10 minutes or 60kms.

We can also create more challenging rides and kayak experiences for experienced groups.

Group Size

Custom trips for couples (any two people) often work well and are easy to set at the right interest/challenge level. 

Bigger groups of friends, tramping and kayaking groups or even unrelated sports groups also work really well.  Maybe it’s your netball team end-of-season getaway.

And families always have fun together, whether it’s two generations or four.  Samoa is based on family and travelling as a family is a great ice-breaker.


We love staying in the family run beach fales associated with each village.  These are nearly always on the best beaches and provide the opportunity to experience more of the local culture.  The accommodation is basic, more akin to camping and the food is often a mix of Samoan and New zealand styles, but it always feels like a real summer holiday staying in these.

It is often nice to have a night or three in a hotel or resort and we can organise tours that stay mostly in hotels and resorts.  But be aware that there are only a few hotels on the best beaches and that these often have a minimum stay of three nights.  

Support levels

Most tours have a dedicated local driver guide. Cycling can be done with just gear-transfers, but the strong feedback is that the small extra for the guide is well worth it.


We can create 9 day fale based custom tours for as little as $1,200 NZD pp (for a group of 8), or we can create a two week long, more hotel based experience for over $4,000 pp. We can’t do a seven day hotel tour for under $3,000 (at least not one that we are prepared to offer).

Contact us

Then drop us an email.   Include:

  • what you want to include in the trip
  • how many people are likely to be involved
  • an indication of the range of fitness and bike/kayak experience is helpful.
  • the standard of accommodation wanted
  • the level of guiding vs self-exploring that you want
  • the amount of time available
  • a budget indication

As much as you want.

Support Levels

Anything from transfers only to personal guides.


Stunning white-sand beaches with safe swimming in coral lagoons.


From $1,200 NZD for a week in beach fale based accommodation to $4,0000NZD for two weeks with losts of hotel/resort nights.

Does this look like fun?
"A fabulous holiday cycling around the beautiful Savaii thanks to".
Emma Tina
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Samoa is now fully open to tourists and all Covid restrictions have been lifted.  As of 22 September 2022, there are NO requirements for vaccination certificates or Covid tests.
The number of flights available is steadily increasing. Qantas starts flying from Australia in November  and Virgin resumes in March.  Air New Zealand flights are expected to reach almost two a day in 2023.